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Podcast Show Notes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t use Instagram to grow your leads, you know how popular video is becoming. It’s all over your explore page, and there are several ways to use video inside the Instagram App. But I’m not just talking about any video. Inside this episode, I share with you WHY short-form video is the trending type of video to create on Instagram.

How you can use social media in 2021

In Episode #63 I shared how you can use social media in 2021 to increase brand awareness and generate more high-quality leads based on the predicted social media trends.

One of those six ways was with Short-Form Video Content.

This is great for the beginner business owner because anyone can afford to produce and publish a video. Because it’s free! There’s no expensive equipment needed for short-form video besides your phone.

So if you’ve been hesitant to publish a video because you thought it needed to be high-quality, professionally produced, and long – you’re going to love this Short-Form Video Content trend.

This trend suggests that Social media users desire short-form videos that can be consumed in bite-size chunks. Man, doesn’t that eerie similar to the way I publish my podcast episodes…. Into branding bites.

The Instagram app has completely converted to put short-form video front and center.

short-form video
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Four ways that you can use short-form video on Instagram

There are currently four ways that you can use video on Instagram – but we all know updates happen quickly so there could be more in the works by the end of the year.

From Stories, IGTV, Live Videos, and now Reels, short-form video is the future of content creation on Instagram. 

So let’s dive into each of these four to see their strengths and give you unique ways to use them to provide value and interact with your audience.

1. Instagram Stories

Even though you are able to share photos and gifs to your Stories, using short-form videos on Stories is one of the best ways to build CONNECTION on Instagram. And great for beginners – stories continue to be the most unpolished form of content on the app. You can literally show up as your real self because that’s exactly what is expected. This allows your audience to form an authentic connection with who you are. 

Stories are 15-sec clips but think of how you could use short videos instead of photos to fill those storyboards. I love to get my face in my stories almost every day. I update my audience on new podcast episodes or product drops or simple, bite-sized marketing tips. And don’t think you need to record your videos in real-time – I love batching everything I can, and that means short video clips!

Either way, you want to encourage interaction like polls, quizzes, and question boxes. This can keep your conversation going in your DMs.

2. Live Videos

Now I have to admit this is a type of short-form video I don’t use like I should. But with a stellar content strategy, IG lives can be very beneficial for lead generation. It again is a great way for your audience to see you unpolished and off-the-cuff.

If I was to do them I’d set a specific day and time and let people know beforehand. Just be sure to prepare your talking points so you don’t go off on some tantrum and lose your train of thought.

But these are great for asking your audience questions and having live interaction. IG just announced you can now even go live with up to 4 people at a time. This is great for team-building opportunities and cross-promoting other businesses.

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With the rise in viewership for Youtube – IGTV was Instagrams response to upload more in-depth and longer videos. I prefer to keep my IGTV videos under 10 minutes – remember short-form video is king so the shorter the better.

Your IG feed will hold videos up to 60 seconds so anything longer should be housed on IGTV. These could be used to share demos, interviews, or showcasing your products or services.

4. Reels

I know I know – I too was hesitant to start making Reels. But when I realized I didn’t have to dance or point to text bubbles for them to be effective I was all in.

Reels are Instagram’s response to TikTok, which remains one of Instagram’s main competitors. 

You can create Reels directly inside the IG app and hold up to 30 seconds of video.

When creating Reels think of ways you can inspire, educate, or entertain your Ideal client. Preferably under 15 seconds. Always keep your ICA in mind and create content specifically valuable to them only. This is how your Reels can be effective without dancing or music.


So there you have it – 4 Ways to Create Short-Form Video Content That Connects on Instagram.

  • Instagram Stories
  • LIVE Videos
  • IGTV
  • Reels

My advice is to try them all – find the one you like the best and consistently use it. Yes, you need to use them all but get into using batch work to control the time you spend creating short-term video content. I go into detail about this time-saving trick on Episode 21 with my friend Jenny Taylor. It’s the only way to keep your sanity and put short-term video front and center in your content strategy.

In The End

Just remember – every video you produce should inspire further action from your audience. Have a sales process and strategy in place so you can move a follower off Instagram and into your sales funnel. But however, you decide to show up using a short-term video, just take action and do it ugly.  I promise with more experience, you’ll get better and better.

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