5 social media captions you should avoid for content creation

by Kristin Korn

5 Social Media Captions You Should Avoid

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Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to build brand awareness, social reach, and customer loyalty. But with social media being such an integral part of our lives, it’s important to know how to use social media for your business or personal brand in the right way so you don’t hurt your own reputation. Here are five social media captions you should never use.

What is a Social Media Caption?

A social media caption is a small block of text that accompanies an image on social media to create context about the photo.

A social media caption can either be used in order to tell viewers additional information about what’s happening in the photo, or it may simply include an opinion about whatever the viewer sees when they scroll through their social feed for this particular brand.

Social media caption example

For example, if you post a picture shopping with friends, you could use the description area below to share your favorite childhood memory of shopping with family members. This helps your viewers bond with you because they get real behind-the-scenes moments where there are no filters in place!

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5 social media caption templates you should never use

Social media captions give viewers an inside look at what’s happening behind the scenes of your life and help you connect with them on a more personal level. But when writing your next Instagram or Facebook caption, keep these tips in mind.

1. Never post Smileys and emojis with no context behind them

Say that you just saw a video of your friend’s baby crawling for the first time and post an emoji of two hearts with eyes along with some other emojis. if someone who sees this doesn’t know why these emoji are there they’ll think something bad happened to your friend or their baby when in reality nothing bad happened!

Using social media captions like this will make people question what else you post that doesn’t make sense.

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2. Don’t use Overly sexual posts that don’t fit your brand persona

I don’t need to go into too much detail here. In short, if social media isn’t an accurate representation of real-life then why use social media captions like this?

3. Overly positive posts that aren’t representative of whats really going on in your life

Social media captions where you only allow people to see the good side of life and not what’s going on behind closed doors is a lie. Social media should reflect reality because it’s real-life too.

4. Posts where you’re complaining about something but don’t offer up an alternative solution way forward

Social media captions like this will make your brand look defeated rather than proactive about change.

5. Posts that use social media captions to just show off how much money you have or how glamorous your life is!

“Airport selfies all day err day” – This social media caption looks like it’s trying to impress the reader rather than inviting them into a real conversation. Social media content like this one will definitely hurt your brand because social media is a place where people meet in real life and you should want social media to be a place for everyone, not just the rich and shiny!

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Recap: Writing social media content

Social media captions are a way to build your brand and should give viewers an inside look at what’s happening behind the scenes of your life. Social media users have grown tired of being fed only what companies want them to see on social feeds. By using the right captions in your posts, you can connect with followers by sharing personal stories that show the human side of your personal brand rather than just witty one-liners.

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