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It’s no secret that I love social media for creating deeper connections with my clients – but do you know that there’s a simple strategy I use to do this? There is. If you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to what to post to social media to grow your leads… I want to break it down for you in this episode.

What you need to do first

But here’s the thing…

You need to FIRST above anything else… do some major self-discovery as I teach in step one of my Business Building Roadmap.

Once you have your core brand foundation nailed down with your interest, beliefs, and niche you will instantly be feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to writing content to attract more of the right people to your brand.

Three ways to grow your leads

So here are THREE WAYS to grow your client leads using social media:

  1. SHARE your beliefs to create connections
  2. SHIFT the limiting beliefs of others to get others unstuck
  3. SERVE the right people with your free content and paid products
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SHARE your beliefs to create connections

The first way to grow your client leads using social media is to SHARE your beliefs to create connections. If you are on a social media platform for your business chances are you want to become social to create deeper connections with more new clients.

So to do you this you want to share things that reinforce your identity.

This way your niche can form a connection with your content. Your core interest and 4-6 core beliefs is a great place to start with this type of connection content.

The more you talk about your core beliefs and interest the faster this niche who also has similar beliefs – I call it the overlap – will find your content on social media!

For example one of my brand beliefs that I talk about on repeat is:

I believe there’s an opportunity for women to leverage their knowledge (also known as their influence) to solve the problems of others and make money from it.

The more I talk about this belief – the more my niche audience will hear it, believe it about themselves, then use my content, products, and services to help them build an income stream to leverage their knowledge.

SHIFT the limiting beliefs

The second way to grow your client leads using social media is to SHIFT the limiting beliefs of others to get them unstuck.

And when I say shift – I mean it… I’m not telling you to go shout at people and tell them they are wrong for believing something or using competitor products… but there is an extremely powerful space open for you to share your stance on things.

So as you dig deeper into who your ideal client is… pay attention to what’s holding them back, the fears they have, and what’s keeping them stuck.

Then you can generate topics and reinforce your core beliefs to shift their current mindset.

For example, I know my niche is held back by not having experience building their own business, developing digital products, and using social media to drive sales.

So this is where I can come in with SHIFT content and remind them that everyone starts as a beginner. They are not expected to know how to build a business – but to lean on others who’ve gone before them, like me.

Episode 19: Why It’s Not Too Late To Be A Beginner: with Special Guest Kelly Shepherd

SERVE the right people 

The third and last way to grow your client leads using social media is to SERVE the right people with your free content and paid products.

If you can really attract more niche readers to your content using the connection and shift posts as we discussed… these educate posts are what seals the deal to make more sales.

Remember everyone coming to your brand has a problem. 

Like I discussed in Episode #41 – the sooner your reader understands you hold the solution they are seeking the sooner the sale will happen.

I like to use these educate posts to break apart my process into sections that people need in order to see success.

So for example, my method of creating a strategic online marketing plan is called the Stay in Your Lane Brand Method and is broken down into three digital products and one membership.

So just like I am doing here and sharing Three ways to grow your client leads using social media – I am educating you about my method.

So as you break apart your method to educate content – Your main goal is to create your own solution to your niche’s problems. 

And the key is to only share educational content that points back to your method/unique solution. This can be digital products or a tangible product or service.

But as you teach your niche audience something that will help with their problem they will see YOUR PRODUCT as their solution and will go purchase it.

One thing to keep in mind is when creating this educational content remember your FREE content tells the What and Why, and your PAID product shares the HOW-TO.

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in closing

As you crave more sales and meaningful interactions keep in mind that everyone who interacts with your brand is coming in at different buying levels.

This is why it’s important to meet every person at the right time with the right content for their buying level. 

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