I’ve heard my husband, Brad Korn, speak the term “brand of basketball” many times when referring to an opponent or team… ????

and while in the shower today (where all my great thoughts seem to come to me lately) I got to thinking about brands when it comes to colleges and their athletics departments.

I’m usually helping female business owners incorporate their personal brand into their business… but today I’m thinking about college sports.

Now is the time to do some reflecting and revision on a program

With him home for a week now we’ve had a lot more discussions about the future. When I think of all these coaches sitting at home with nothing to do besides clean out the garage, help kids with math problems, and take the dog for 4 walks a day…

It got me thinking about NOW is the time to do a lot of reflecting and revision on a program.

I’ve been around college athletics as a significant other/wife of a Division I coach/player for over 20 years. Coaching for 16 years, my husband has been at three colleges from mid-major to now a power five conference.

And one thing that separates my likeness of these schools isn’t necessarily the winning records… it’s their brand.

Not brand of basketball as my husband speaks – as I think he refers to their actual plays, staff, and players… but all in all…


Why the athletics brand matters

When we had the opportunity to come back to Kansas State in 2016 the BRAND of K-STATE ATHLETICS was what appealed to us.

Yes, the private charter flights to all games, large Nike stipend and bigger incomes are nice…

but the BRAND that K-State has developed is front and center what makes their business boom!

Want more product sales? More butts in seats? More items in their cart?

Give people a brand they can get behind.

This is the same for all small businesses, teams, high schools, colleges, whatever…

How to look at other brands

Take this time to look at other brands and see how they:

???? Interact with consumers (fans)
???? Create a memorable buyers experience
???? Add on bonus items to create their offer
???? Deepen relationships via email
???? Get out into the community

Don’t copy. But model these businesses, storefronts, and sports programs.

And if you need a model example – look no further than K-State Sports.

K-State Athletics is a brand

The Kansas State athletic department is one of a limited number in the United States, and the only one in Kansas, that operates with no monetary contribution from the broader academic institution…

they are their own BUSINESS and striving at it! ????

I’ve been in awe of this school from the moment we set foot here in 2012 and saw all the on-brand Limestone buildings, purple brand colors across town, and smiling, happy, and friendly staff and fans.

So much to learn by observing

A lot of what I teach to other small business owners stems from the experience I’ve had with this college.

So during this unusual time in history…

I wanted to share these thoughts with any coach, faculty member, or small business owner (who has some extra time to spare) who wants to put into action a new brand strategy when ‘normal’ returns.

Create a brand-focused business and watch your profits soar.

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