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Podcast Show Notes

I know I’ve been talking a lot about content these last few episodes. But there’s been so much on my heart that I feel I need to share on this subject.

When I reflect on my own journey of how I’ve used and reacted to social media I always come back to the idea that many see success on social media as having high engagement ratings.

  • We seek validation that what we are doing is making an impact.
  • That the time we are spending on writing captions and blog posts and podcasts is worth it.
  • That someone out there is paying attention to our message.

So when we put out content whether with video, audio, or written… we CRAVE that user engagement we see other high profile accounts get.

And when we don’t get the same number of new followers or a high like number or anyone commenting on our message we immediately can feel like a failure.

Is this why you got into business?

But did you get into business so you could get LIKES on your posts? No, I don’t think you did.

You got into business to make an impact on your life and the life of someone else with your products or services.

So I want you to shift the way you PUBLISH content the same way you would as being a Secret Santa.

My Secret Santa Story

In the last few years, our family has participated in the Adopt-A-Family program hosted by the Manhattan Kansas Junior League that my good friend Kristin O’Donnell is a part of.

They match over 100 donors to families in need of help to bring Christmas to over 450 children in our local community. Without this program these kids would be without new jeans, a comforter to sleep in or clean socks to wear every day to school.

In November we fill out our application and based on our financial commitment they match us with a family. We then take the list of the child or the parent in the home to purchase things from their list.

This past year it was a sweatshirt and microwave for the mom, new jeans and shirts for a high school boy, and new jogging suits and a remote control car for the boy. We then wrap the gifts and drop them off the Junior League where they coordinate the delivery to the family we shopped for.

We don’t see the family – there’s no interaction.

You see I know our financial donation can make an impact on this family in such a HUGE WAY and we expect not a thing in return.

We don’t get a thank you card, a handshake, nothing…. But I still know that those gifts will go a long way in the everyday hurdles that come with being a low-income family.

We don’t donate those gifts to GET LIKES on a post or a THANK YOU CARD and an ounce of RECOGNITION.

We donate the gifts to make an IMPACT in our own lives to make us feel good inside and to impact someone else’s life.

And I want you to take a step back and look at your content in the same way.

how to look at your content

Whether you are writing up an Instagram Post, dropping into your Facebook group, writing a Blog Entry for Pinterest, or recording a video for Youtube.

It should always be about serving others and not expecting anything in return.

If you shared a story, gave educational value, or was able to shift someone’s belief… you made an impact on one person.

Yes… one person is worth the effort.

We have a choice on how we see things.

We can publish that content and walk away from your screen knowing you put your heart into it and know you made an impact on one… or you can choose to sit and counts likes and validate your effort on the engagement your content had.

I choose to impact one person every time.

I show up as a Secret Santa every day wherever I’m publishing my content. I GIVE and don’t expect a thing in return.

Now, it’s not to say that reply emails and pop-up DMs from thankful readers and listeners don’t brighten my day.

They absolutely do and if you’ve ever sent me one I hope you feel as my reply was of genuine thankfulness. 

But my self worth will never be attached to likes, shares, or comments.

All I need to do is empower ONE.

Using my brand method

And as I use my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method – I’m able to get to know myself SO DEEPLY and love every part of my story that I know every time I open my mouth now in content I will impact one with my message.

I now see every chance to share my message online as another chance for me to be a Secret Santa to that reader or listener.

If the message hits them the right way and they are ready for a change they will fall into my sales process.

And that’s what makes my brand method so incredibly impactful. 

I believe when you can think less about actually monetizing and put more effort into living out your brand influence to solve the problems of others, you’ll find more success with deeper connections.

My closing thoughts

So the next time you hit PUBLISH on your content, SMILE and immediately put yourself in the mindset of a Secret Santa no matter the season.

Stop waiting for validation – know in your heart that you are impacting ONE and one is good enough.

Create deeper connections in just one week. Make your business more profitable, faster! Just $27!

I teach you how to discover the fortune that lies hidden in your personal brand. Using this approach to brand-discovery you can turn your brand influence into content that creates deeper connections with your audience.

Again the direct URL to my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method is stayinyourlanebrand.com


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