The Exact Caption Writing Framework I Use To Attract My Niche
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Podcast Show Notes

I talk a lot about using your brand influence to make deeper connections with your audience.

What this means is that when you can pull from past experiences and lessons to share a belief or lesson inside your content – you are leveraging your brand influence to grow your relationship with your target audience.

Step one of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method (below) teaches you how to pull out your influence using my brand-discovery technique…  but the next part is using this information and putting it into original content to grow your business.

This original content can be videos, social captions, emails, or blog entries.

But I believe to empower someone is to use your voice, your experiences, and your story to connect with your ideal client.

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Dig into your influence and beliefs

In the last Branding Bites Episode #27 I was asking one of my consulting client questions so I could dig into her influence and beliefs… and if you went back to the show notes to see my findings – you may be surprised by what I was able to collect in terms of her content marketing strategy.

Using her answers I plugged them into the Content Marketing Strategy I teach in step three and just like that – she now has a full plan in place on how to target the right message to attract and connect more of the right clients to her brand.

S3 Caption Writing Framework

So today I thought I would share with you one of the S3 caption writing frameworks that I use in the majority of my original content.  These are what I call Connection Content. The goal of this type of content is to share things that reinforce my identity and beliefs to build a deeper connection with my niche audience.

So, in short, it’s taking the beliefs I discover about myself from step one of my stay in your lane brand method and stating them in a video, podcast, or caption so I can attract the audience who also believes these same things… when I find that audience – I’ve attracted my niche. 

It’s the first stage of contact when I’m forming a relationship with a possible lead or client.

Three Things I include

So inside my connection content, there are THREE things I include:

1 – State A Reality Statement … which means – what’s going on that you want to talk about – bring up a real point that you want to address.

2 – Share A Brand Influence Moment … which means – what part of your past experiences or lessons can you bring into this content to show authenticity

3 – Shout Your Belief … which means –  what do you believe when it comes to speaking your thoughts on this point being stated that will reinforce your identity

Let me share an example

So I thought I would share with you a real example.

When I start the idea for my caption I choose one of the beliefs I want to talk about. So for this example, my belief is… “I believe we can all be courageous in our own way.”

Keeping that belief in mind … the topic I want to cover in this caption is that “I believe we can all be courageous – we don’t have to be perfect – and the real story needs to be told.

  • So my reality statement is that we can’t do it all
  • My brand influence moment will be the real imperfect experiences I’m going through now 
  • The belief I share is we can all be courageous and keep trying

So using my S3 Caption Writing Framework – my Connection Content goes like this:

You can’t do it all… I can’t do it all… but I can TRY my best and so can you!

I can show up in some way every day for my business whether it’s to batch writing without a bra on or get all dressed up for videos.

I can give my kids my undivided attention for at least 30 minutes a day or let them be on screens too much.

I can wipe the toothpaste off the bathroom ceiling to get ready to list our house… yes! that’s a true story.

I can sit in the driveway with friends and enjoy the company of other humans… 6 feet apart of course!

I can support my husband in his new “head coaching” role as he spends 12+ hours a day on the phone doing radio interviews, talking with current players, recruits and interviewing for open positions.

I can hire a locksmith to come to our house midst lockdown to make new keys for all of our doors because I’ve misplaced ALL of them. #greatiming

I can order Chinese or Mexican takeout and add on the calories or cook my purple carrot meals and pretend I’m skinny!

I can feed my kids cereal 3x a day or try to make them eat a meat, fruit, and veggie at each meal.


I don’t have to be perfect.

But I can … try again tomorrow and so can you. #behindmybrand 

Why makes this content so impactful

By sharing this content – I show my real, authentic, and imperfect self to my niche audience. I don’t try to hide the fact that I have my shit all together. But I do let them know that we can all be courageous everyday… no matter how small or big the obstacle is.

But the most important part is including my brand influence which is pulling from my layers and layers of pivots, life cycles, and experiences to empower others.

To recap

I believe the key to establishing a lasting business is being able to use your personal experiences to connect with others. 

And that’s what the core of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method is built on. 

If you’d like the roadmap to discover the fortune (aka your influence!) that lies within your brand I’d be honored to help you leverage it to make your business more profitable faster.

Please visit where you can learn about the four steps and four products available to you on your journey!

Stay in Your Lane Brand Method
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