Today I’m tackling a very popular topic and that is about being consistent… Now I feel this is two part… being consistent in your business activity – and then being consistent in your social media activity.. Today we are discussing finding consistency in your business activity.  But, first I want to talk about your business […]

by Kristin Korn

How to Stay Consistent in Your Business Activity


Today I’m tackling a very popular topic and that is about being consistent… Now I feel this is two part… being consistent in your business activity – and then being consistent in your social media activity..

Today we are discussing finding consistency in your business activity. 

But, first I want to talk about your business goals.

I used to think setting big goals was going to push me out of my comfort zone to reach them.  Instead I realized I never developed a precise plan on HOW to achieve them so those goals never were hit. It wasn’t necessarily that my goal was too high, but my plan wasn’t mapped out to reach it!

I recently released an online course called Goals with Purpose that uses the same techniques found in the book “The 12 Week Year”… which uses the mindset that a year has 12 weeks – and what you do every day – the tasks – matter. So when you have 12-week goal… break it down into weekly and daily tasks – you will improve your results of actually reaching that goal. And also stay consistent you business activity.

Free access to my Goals with Purpose Course can be found below.

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In my course I have a full workbook included on this as well.  I use the word quarterly but it’s the same concept… you start your quarter or next 12 weeks whenever you want. But set one goal for your business that you want to reach in 12 weeks… then figure out the projects you need to accomplish to hit that goal.. then when you know your projects… you write down the tasks that need to be done for each project… by doing this you waste no time to get into action.

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Be sure to bring some FUN into this though… create a project around your 12 week goal that keeps you IN your flow state. As I mention in the course – your flow state is when you experience moments where time passes quickly and you’re caught up on what you’re doing.

FLOW STATE: removes your self doubt, when you feel creative, and have a blast doing it. 

A John Hopkin Neuroscientist studies Jazz musicians and found that when you are in flow state – the area of the brain associated with self doubt was deactivated.

These are the happiest experiences of your life.

For some: playing a sport, in your creative mode, reading, any thing that brings you immense joy.

Think about the times when you’re in your FLOW STATE….. build your Core goals and at least one project for your 12 week goal around these moments.

When I find myself inconsistent in my business is when I have no plan to follow… it doesn’t have to be a daily plan… but a TO-DO-TASK list… when I perform those tasks I cross them off and move to the next. As long as I keep a visual of what I need to EXACTLY do to keep on track… I know I’ll stay consistent with my business activity to have my best shot at reaching my 12 week goal.

So let me show you an example for a sales team.

One 12 week goal could be to double your sales volume (because by doing that you’ll get closer to your income goal for the year)  – great goal…now what projects do you need to experience that growth in volume? 

One 12 week goal – like doubling your volume can have several projects. So yes, you guessed it… 

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CREATE PROJECTS for your 12-week goal

Remember NO TASK is too small…  in your task list to complete that project, include everything, even the tasks you can finish in a matter of minutes.

Example 12 week goal : Double your org volume – these would be your PROJECTS for this 12 week goal.

  • Identify your current org volume – task
  • Identify your top 10-20 leaders growing the fastest – task – break down further to figure this out
  • How much will each contribute to your 12 week growth 
  • Identify and recruit 10 new team members on 
  • Turn 10% of your new recruits into fast start earners 
  • Create and run a monthly incentive the drives activity that will directly help double your vol – this particular project would be a FLOW state for me and keep me excited about my goal.

Project Example: Recruit 10 team members – now make tasks….

  • Meet new friends on social media by joining a new group each week
  • Use the CRM method= comment, request friend, message to add friends
  • Join a book club
  • Get out of the house 2x a week to meet new people
  • Get your business in front of 3 new people weekly

Projects include several tasks…. These all contribute to your larger 12-week goal. Then CREATE a TASK for each line item if you need to.

Single to-do list items – as many as you need… you can spread these daily tasks out over the entire quarter.

You don’t want to lose time by thinking about what you need to do today to lead to your 12 week goal… write it all down. Sounds tedious… but how many times have you thought to yourself “what do I need to do today?” – thought so… write it down… Remember, that’s how you lost your consistent business activity in the first place! Write it all down!

Map this out for all your 12-week goal and keep it 1-2 for the 12 weeks… maybe one for business and one for personal.

Each of your larger 12 week goals should be designed to help you achieve one of your larger income, impact or personal goals for the year.

It should also align with your Core Goals. These goals Focus on the journey and how you want to feel each day.

Things that fulfill you rather than just bring outside success.

Refer to the Goals with Purpose Workbook inside the course for more details on this.


You can gain access to my Goals with Purpose Course for free by CLICKING HERE!

At every moment, millions of little things compete for your attention and get you off track.  I'm going to share with you the KEY way to stay more consistent in your business. One that will allow you to confidently get more done because you will follow careful plans that measure and track key priorities and milestones.
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Millions of little things compete for your attention and get you off track.  I'm sharing the KEY way to stay more consistent in your business activity.
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