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How to Create an Automated Business

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by Kristin Korn

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.

I hear it all the time “I could never do everything you do… I don’t know how you do it all.” Well… I’m letting you in on how it’s all possible with an automated business.

Rewind to January… Where my word for the year was FOCUS… and here’s how it’s all played out nine months later.

When it was chosen I was a point in my life that I was tired of wasting my time, talent and emotional energy on things that were beyond my control or that brought me down.

I knew they had been a recipe for frustration, misery and stagnation and I was done.


I chose the word FOCUS as my word of the year so I would continue to invest my energy and FOCUS on the things, relationships and projects that I can control and which bring me joy and happiness.

At the beginning of the year I was managing several businesses separate from one another. Here’s what was on my plate at the time to give you an idea where my NEED for this word developed ….

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.

I had…

  • brand marketing business that I was converting from a membership revenue into a one-off course community, while growing my customer reach using Facebook and Instagram, all while navigating a new automated email system and platform for my courses and website.
  • a brand new online shop where I was growing my customer reach and listing new items and I was trying to find time to design and create… shirts, mugs, bags, invites… with no luck.
  • an Etsy Shop that was 9 years strong with a good amount of revenue being created, but was sucking my time as I was personalizing business cards and invitation orders for hours a day.
  • global team of 600 that I was trying to navigate and keep from plateauing our sales volume. After our RFx run I was still exhausted and decided to focus my energy on the top leaders in our team… creating a specific feed to communicate with those leaders and in return empower them to get the information down to their teams. I decided to pull back majorly from my larger team page and just FOCUS on these leaders and using my time in that area.
  • been re-igniting a business (HustlinCEO) where I was collaborating with other entrepreneurs and releasing our first online courses for leaders, while growing our customer reach, investing time in our social media platforms and setting up an annual game plan… oh and creating an entirely new website and selling platform (more on that below).
  • been developing my OWN personal brand… educating myself on the best way to strengthen my Instagram Feed and Pinterest platforms while keeping with my mission of Life with Purpose. Also trying to muster up the confidence to keep going LIVE on a weekly basis on my Facebook profile and creating content for that. Goal was to always use that content as a blog… but being pretty damn tech savvy I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around WordPress… so the blog idea was just that… an idea.

So to sum it all up….

My long days were spent creating images/content/scheduling for my 10+ social media accounts, talking with team members and clients, educating other entrepreneurs on brand marketing and leadership skills with weekly emails and extra bonus tips, putting in a solid 2+ hours a day personalizing those Etsy orders….  and any spare time I was re-branding myself, creating new websites, etc ….

Ok, just typing that all out makes me STRESSED… so you can now see why I needed to FOCUS and dive into automation. I had great things going but needed a strategy-meeting with myself. 

  • What did I need to FOCUS on? 
  • Could something be eventually cut? 
  • Did anything need a better system? Something automated? 
  • What was working?
Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.
Word of the Year Latte Coffee Mugs

I knew there had to be a way to DO IT ALL without hiring a team… but was struggling to find a perfect automated system or platform that would alleviate my stress and give me more OPEN HOURS to do as I please! The freedom I wanted. I also wanted my businesses to “run themselves”… so if I’d disappear for a month… not a thing was lost!

I had been playing around with a few rigged options with automated emails and membership apps to fix my branding community needs and they just weren’t doing everything I needed them to.

My ah-ha moment!

That’s when I came across an ad for a Pinterest Training Class… I knew I needed to be better on that platform, so bought the online course… and guess what?? I immediately noticed that this course was on was a platform I had never heard of before …. and I was almost crying I was so happy to find it!!!

Yes, the course was good… LOL but finding this platform was even better! It’s Kajabi. Kajabi is an all in one platform that houses my email lists, communication automations, my main website, online courses and memberships for not just my Kristin Korn brand, but my package comes with three separate accounts!! EXACTLY what I was needing to organize and automate my community of brand marketing members, my new online courses, to start my blog, to refresh my personal brand and re-ignite our HustlinCEO brand!

If this sounds like something you need in your life, they’ve given me a 15% discount to pass along to use for your own plan. You’re welcome!

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.
Kajabi Coupon – 

Ok, so as you can imagine, finding this platform was EXACTLY what I needed to FOCUS. After getting familiar with the platform, I was sailing thru setting up online courses and managing contacts and automated emails.

Thank You Kajabi!

So Kajabi fixed three of my MAJOR business problems… but what about social media planning, creation and scheduling for my brands and all these social sites?  I had everything looking nice, but now I needed to promote and share it with the world without me spending hours a day manually pushing content.

Then another OMG moment happened when I got word from another entrepreneur about Edgar… oh yes, Meet Edgar my friends. I love him… lol seriously this platform is the bomb diggity for ME and MY NEEDS and I bet possibly for you as well… I was talking about Edgar so much in the first couple weeks my husband asked finally… “Who the heck is Edgar?” LOL

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.
MeetEdgar Coupon!

Here’s what Meet Edgar does….. “Your best social posts scheduled in a loop. Drive more traffic, take more naps. Automated post repeating.  Schedule Your Content.  Double Your Traffic.  Unlimited update library.”  

If you want to Meet Edgar use this LINK for $10 off your first invoice! You may just jump thru the screen and hug me when you finally meet him.

My subscription holds 20 social media accounts so you can see why I easily save over 10 hours a week using this system to host all my content and it does the scheduling all for me!! HALLELUJAH!! 

So now I have time to… oh, ya know! BLOG! … and CREATE! … and EDUCATE!!! My daily task is to create content and my automated system does the rest!

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.

What I love most about my multi-faceted business is that 99% is automated and runs itself…. and everything runs itself.

So there you go folks, I prayed a ton about finding the right automated systems and platforms for me to keep growing my brands and I found them… I also closed my Etsy Shop this summer (read this blog post to learn more about that decision HERE!) in order to strengthen my Life with Purpose Shop and keep PURPOSE for why I’m doing what I’m doing!

In other recaps:

  • My global skincare team is stronger than ever… by focusing my time with my top leaders and empowering them to go be LEADERS!
  • I also combined the social accounts of my Kristin Korn brand with that of my Branding Community to promote myself as a Entrepreneur, Creative, Educator. Why was I complicating this in the beginning?

So 9 months into the year, YES! I feel like this whole FOCUS approach is going REAL WELL! What other automated systems do you love ? 

Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.
Ways to automate your business to give yourself more time freedom.
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