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I didn’t want kids.

I was full swing into my marketing and sales career. Out in the bars. Having fun with other friends who had no kids. Kids seem like they would slow me down. And I wasn’t at all the lovey-dovey type who wanted to hold babies every chance they could get. You know those friends who ooo and aww over every baby coo and move… yeah it seriously wasn’t me. Yes, they were cute, but to crave to hold them. I didn’t have that like other people I knew.

Maybe I wasn’t cut out for being a mom.

I thought maybe mom wasn’t a hat for me… maybe I wouldn’t love a child enough. In other words, maybe I was too selfish to care for someone else. I didn’t know for sure.

But we never know… until we put ourselves in the situation.

8 years ago TODAY I became the mom I wasn’t sure I was ready to be. I birthed a beautiful baby girl and she was all mine. I was now responsible for this tiny human. Me? … all I was used to caring for was our two boxer dogs and a husband.

But you never doubt His plan. God knew exactly what I needed … I needed to slow down. I needed to live for other people than myself. And I needed to love more. Above all, I needed to find other purposes inside me.

He gifted me this child and my life changed for the better. Way better!

What changed? I wanted to be home with her. All of a sudden I felt this huge magnet to not leave her. The idea of placing her in full-time daycare made me cringe that I would be gone for so long away from her… so I found others way to care for her while I worked pockets of time.

She had amazing grandparents who helped out a couple days a week. My mom would drive an hour to our house every Monday so I could run my sales route. My mother-in-law, at the time lived just 20 minutes away so she was always available when I needed her. I found a good friend who watched her on Fridays from her home and my employer let me work from home a couple days.

There’s always a way.

It was all a puzzle to make it work. But most importantly, it worked. Until being home with her meant more than being away.

Without her I would not have seen or learned what I was capable of becoming. I would have never gone full force into entrepreneurship without needing to find a reason/way to stay home full time with her. I believe everyone who steps into entrepreneurship gets to a point when a change happens in their life, or you are at the point when you just need a change to happen. Having her was that time for me. It made me realize I could do more than be an employee for someone else. I had choices and this one was mine.

Exactly 16 months after giving birth to my first child… I left being a full time employee for being a full time entrepreneur for good. Some of my husband’s coaching changes helped with this decision too… but it’s been THE BEST 8 YEARS OF MY LIFE!

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I owe everything to God for bringing this beautiful girl in my life. Because although I gave her life…. she gave me mine. 

Although I didn’t think I wanted kids… I needed kids in order to grow into the powerful, brave, confident and courageous woman I am today. I believe that to my core.

Happy 8th Birthday my sweet Brielyn Le. Mommy and daddy love you lots. ❤️ #lifewithpurposebykk

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by Kristin Korn

Why I Didn’t Want Kids, or so I thought


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