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6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important

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If you don’t have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life.

Personal branding has become a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, get a better job, get noticed by the press, take your career to the next level or meet new, high quality friends. So I want to share with you 6 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Important.

If you don't have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life and today I’m going to tell you exactly why.

1. Image is Everything

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands — the ongoing process of establishing a descriptive image or impression in the mind of others about an individual.

Your brand is an intangible relationship between you and your clients. Your brand identity is the tangible visible design language that appeals to the senses of your clients. So personal branding is the way you communicate all those characteristics and build your reputation.

Everyone has a unique personal brand, whether you know it or not. But what you should be striving for is a powerful, attractive, consistent and visible personal brand. Which would be defined as an online AND in-person authentic display of the engaging aspects of your professional and personal activities and interests. Meaning, you are sharing WHO you are, WHAT you like, and WHY you love what you love.

2. Your Attraction Increases

When you have a compelling personal brand, you speak authentically and your visual language is attractive … people find you interesting and desirable. This leads to hundreds of new connections and followers and your attraction increases. People look at my profiles, follow me and want to know more about me.

“Experts estimate it takes less than one-tenth of a second for someone to make an impression of you from your photo. They don’t bother reading your profile or digging deeper if their initial impression is negative.”

Claire Bahn, CEO of Online Profile Pros

I do this all the time when I get new followers on Instagram… I’ll quickly check out their profile pic, bio and their last dozen or so feed photos.. and if it’s not attractive to me.. I don’t follow them back.

As a bonus, a powerful personal brand doesn’t only benefit you professionally but you can make lifelong friends because of it. When you are interesting and people can find and notice you, they will connect with you on a personal level. I have had people who found my shop or branding trainings online, followed my social posts and then reached out to me personally. And I’ve become friends with many of them.

3. Opportunity Finds You

Which leads me to my next reason why personal branding is so important…. When your personal brand is attractive, then potential clients and even companies looking to hire, will find you and reach out to you. This happens to me on a daily basis from the exposure my personal brand has given me. People will slide into my dm and ask me if I offer xy or z products or courses and how they can work with me. All because they love my visual identity so much.

When you are out there with your powerful and attractive personal brand good things happen — sometimes just by luck. There have been too-many-times-to-remember when simply being noticed for one part of my brand caused something else to happen and opportunity to happen.

4. You Control the Content

When people search for you or topics related to your work, and they find high-quality content, they’re much more likely to turn to you as an expert over a competitor. That’s why I believe so highly in using a full media mix approach to marketing… I want my content to show up everywhere. I teach all these business tactics inside my Think Tank Membership because I truly believe potential clients will think much highly of me over another branding educator if my content is high-quality and professional.

“It’s always a plus when someone finds content that demonstrates your expertise, interests and capabilities. If someone finds a blog, post, etc. that shows you’re an effective communicator, they’re much more likely to look into you further.”

Claire Bahn, CEO of Online Profile Pros

And even if you don’t own a business and use personal branding to up your application efforts for getting a new job… The same goes for applicants. An HR rep comparing two candidates is more likely to select the one that has lots of high-quality content online, beyond whatever he or she has shared on a resume.

5. Power of In Person Networking

Think about events you attend or new people you meet at networking events… if you have a compelling personal brand online to back up what you come across as in real life… people will find you interesting and desirable, so they are willing to connect with you. People are going to look at your profile, scan it for validity, follow you and want to know more about you.

6. Gain Confidence

Lastly, as you develop your personal brand you are going to be required to find your authentic voice. The process of creating one develops who you are and reveals the unique you. When you find your voice, and your audiences start to react positively, that builds self-confidence and self-esteem and allows you to find yourself in a meaningful, more purposeful way.

So remember… whether you are trying to build your business, find a job, get noticed by the press, impress vendors, attract influential contacts or simply make new successful friends, a powerful, attractive and visible brand is the key. And it’s also key to building your reputation, credibility and most importantly, being successful in your professional and personal life. And finally, never forget the golden rule of building a successful personal brand … authenticity rules.

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If you don't have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life and today I’m going to tell you exactly why.
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