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How To Market Your Online Business During Uncertain Times
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Podcast Show Notes

There’s no denying everyone is living in a bit of fear right now… with their health, their food supply, their mental well being, their family, kids schooling, all the things that usually don’t consume this much worry and brain space.

Besides the usual day to day life – we then have an online business to keep afloat.

Then the question you’re suddenly asking is… 

“How do I market my online business and personal brand while being sensitive to the current environment?”

The two ways to market right now

The way I see it people are either… pulling back most of their regular marketing so they don’t offend anyone or appear inconsiderate. They don’t want to appear as if they are trying to capitalize on a terrible situation.

While others are running their regular promotions, dropping new collections, and going on about their business as if the outside world is the same.

So which is the right way for you?

Here’s what I believe in and am doing

Well, I’m not here to tell you what to do. But I will tell you what I believe in and what I’m doing.

And that is I’m putting out the SAME marketing messages I was putting out before these uncertain times. I still show up every day as MYSELF on IG and FB Stories. I continue to record and publish a new podcast episode and show notes weekly on my blog. And I continue to use the same message targeting and content plan I was doing before.

I’m confident in my authentic approach to personal brand marketing and the Stay in Your Lane Brand Method I teach and use myself.

You see I don’t need to worry about changing algorithms to get my message seen. Or need to worry about adjusting my marketing message when uncertain times arise.

In all honesty, I don’t have the headspace to pivot my content daily.

So when I can use a content marketing method that grows my business no matter what is going on in the world… my sanity stays in check.

A couple of key suggestions

So here are a couple of key suggestions from my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method on how to market your online business during uncertain times.

My first suggestion is to always tell it like it is…

We need to cut the fluff marketing and focus on being real humans with real stories to tell.

Leading with a PERSONAL authentic brand is the backbone of what I teach. 

If you ever want to meet new people, strengthen and scale your brand and business, you will need to get comfortable with who you are and letting other people into your world.

Your real world… not one that you imagined in your head as the perfect business owner that you THINK your audience will want to hear from.

But the one who can’t sleep, the one who struggles to make hard decisions, the one that will give their audience a REAL behind the scenes look inside your pivots, experiences, and journey.

A floral brand example

A brand I follow and use for domestic floral delivery is called Farmgirl Flowers out of California. Due to the statewide shutdowns her business was deemed non-essential and had 24 hours to close her shop. She’s been so honest in her emails about not knowing what the future of her business looks like. But has been keeping her list up to date on how they are moving shop to other locations in order to save the business.

Knowing the ins and outs of her story makes me want to support that business even more.

The same goes for you

The same goes for you.

Yes, your day to day may look different in the way you parent your kids and run your business from home during this time but tell the story!

When you can do this without using negative language and fear tactics you can bring a positive association to your brand.

Serve the problem of others

My other suggestion is to continue to SERVE the problem of others.

  • Do you need to call them out?
  • Remind them about their lack of sleep?
  • Possible loss of income?
  • Increased stress levels?
  • Convince people they need your products or service?

No.. no you don’t.

They already know what they are using or doing now isn’t working. So don’t go online telling people they need more clients, need more income, should work less, or would be better offer with your product over xyz one.

People already know what THEY WANT without you telling them over and over again in your marketing what they should want.

Instead, showcase YOUR SOLUTION and the transformation you can give someone that may help people in their current situation.

Trust me, PEOPLE will thank you for your help!

Don’t look to convince but look to serve those who are out there right now searching for what you have to offer that will fix their problem.

In closing

So as I close out this episode…

Let me leave you with TWO thoughts.

  1. You don’t need to be any version of yourself than WHO you are right now. You are most appealing to others as you are. So show up online as yourself.
  2. And secondly, share the solution you provide while sharing your own experiences, pivots, and story. You will create deeper connections with your audience when you speak from the heart and from a place of helping.

People know that businesses and personal brands need to continue making money and yours is no different. Get clear on your strategy and stay in your lane. 

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 24: How To Market Your Online Business During Uncertain Times


I help online business owners go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of how to generate high-quality leads and increase their sales conversions.

I believe the two keys to establishing a lasting business are (1) using your personal experiences to connect with others and (2) automating your sales process.

Whether you build a sales process yourself or have it done for you, I want you to have options available so you can take action today.


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