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Ep 27: How Pinterest Marketing Can Be Your Biggest Lead Generator

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Podcast Show Notes

Today I’m being joined with my friend and brand consulting client Jennifer Burkhart. She will be answering questions I toss at her during a live consulting session – so I can help her with her social media content strategy.

But it’s two-fold – At the same time, you will learn why Pinterest should be a platform you are using for your small business. Hint: It’s what her new digital product offer is about!

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The brand team behind Stay in Your Lane Personal Brand Consulting helps small business owners like yourself make a significant impact on the world by serving others with your brand influence.

We use our exclusive Stay in Your Lane Brand Method to discover the fortune that lies hidden in your personal brand to effectively create deeper connections using message targeting and the right content strategy to attract the right audience.

While we mainly work with small online businesses, direct sales consultants, and business coaches … our personal brand consulting services work for all entrepreneurs who want to develop a custom brand strategy to expand their online marketing and monetization.

Listen in to a consulting interview

One place that many of my clients and students get stuck is what to say in their captions. They want to use social media and create posts in order to connect with more clients and ultimately make more sales.

But when it comes to content and WHAT TO POST… you’ve been told so many contradicting strategies.

Some “experts” sell you ‘fill-in-the-blank’ caption templates so you can pair it with a cute photo and call it a day. Some hand ‘ya a done-for-you content calendar and tell you what to post every day to “get something up on your feed.” While industry leaders may tell you to alternate personal and product posts up to 3x a day.

I mean how many random posts can one make in a week?

And just because you’ve checked off your list “make a post to Instagram” today… is that post really growing a connection with your audience?

Heck, are you even reaching the right audience with your all-over-the-place content?

Probably not and probably not.

So you’re stuck somewhere between copying and pasting the same caption someone else is using ‘just to get a few likes’, or you’re taking so long to write up an original post that you throw in the towel before ever hitting POST.

So your online marketing plan… remains… well, non-existent.

To mix it up today instead of sharing about Step One of my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method – I thought I’d let you listen in on one of my consulting calls with an actual client as I help her use my Brand Discovery method to help her lay out her social media plan for her new digital product.


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What if instead of pinning Insta-Pot Chicken Soup recipes and outfit inspirations, you could learn how to make Pinterest® work for your business? Whether your business is selling clothes, skincare, oils, e-learning courses, digital products, or offering a service, you need Pinterest for your business. Learn more about LAUNCHING your business on Pinterest with Jennifer’s method HERE!

As I interviewed Jennifer on the show there were specific Brand-Discovery questions I was asking her to learn more about her Pinterest Superpower and how we could take her knowledge and turn it into original content. Not just fluff content but using my method we will create a strategic content marketing strategy.

Based on her answers here’s what I came up with for her content strategy.

Here are some of her CORE BELIEFS. She can use these in her connection posts. By doing so she can form a faster connection with the right audience.

  • I believe Pinterest is the best way to give a personal recommendation to a specific problem people are searching for
  • I believe Pinterest is the best way to use consumer keyword searches for your business advantage 
  • I believe Pinterest is a great traffic driver to your website
  • I believe Pinterest can give you cold market leads for less than you can get elsewhere
  • I believe Pinterest is a way to reach clients in other countries more easily
  • I believe Pinterest can be a sales machine when used inside a sales process – 90% of pinners are looking to buy something

Here are some of the characteristics of her NICHE AUDIENCE. She will need to work on detailing her Ideal Client Avatar.

  • People who are looking to find more people to look at their business
  • People who have exhausted their “list” and feeling deflated
  • People who are ready to give up promoting their business due to lack of leads
  • People who are tired of Facebook and wondering if there’s another platform they should focus on
  • People who are familiar with Pinterest but not sure how to make it work for their business

Here are some of the LIMITING BELIEFS of her NICHE AUDIENCE that Jennifer can use in her SHIFT posts.

  • I don’t have time to learn a new platform
  • I am not creative to make attractive PINS
  • I don’t have a blog or personal site to link PINS to
  • I have no idea what to write on a blog that would get people to CLICK a PIN
  • I don’t have a sales process
  • I can’t even find leads on Facebook, why can Pinterest be different?
  • My monthly views are pathetic on Pinterest, how can I find people to click my PINS?
  • I don’t have extra money to spend on ads right now

The last part of Jennifer’s content strategy will be to break apart her Pink to Profit method and talk about and teach parts of it. These will become her EDUCATE posts that uses her method to point back to her paid offer.

The TWO STEPS I’ve used with Jennifer include Step One Brand-Discovery and Step Three Content Marketing. She already did Step Two when she created her digital product offer. You can learn more about my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method and the educational products available to you HERE.


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I’m Kristin Korn and I help women discover their brand influence to monetize their brand.

I help females who want a strategic online marketing plan go from feeling stuck and stagnant to having a confident, brand-focused business. I believe the key to establishing a lasting business is being able to use your personal experiences to connect with others. Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a roadmap to discover the fortune (influence!) that lies within their brand and leverage it to make their business more profitable faster.

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