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Podcast Show Notes

I talk to a lot of business builders about what holds them back. Why do they drag their feet when doing things that they know will grow their business? It is perfection?

Their reply 9 times out of 10 always has to do with some sort of fear…. But when I really think about fear – isn’t fear present in our minds because we are always chasing perfection?

The perfect headshot, the perfect caption, the perfect grid, the perfect sales page, the perfect email… and producing the perfect product.

If we could reach PERFECTION then we’d have no fear of what others thought. Fear of other people’s opinions.

  • So how do we combat this?
  • How do we overcome showing up to the world as imperfect and being totally OK with someone having an opinion of us?

My own battle with perfection

This is definitely a voyage I’ve personally been on for years and years and it’s only been in the last year or two that I’ve pulled myself to the other side of worrying about showing up perfect.

When you realize that perfection is a lie you can start to enjoy who you really are.

You can stop looking over your shoulder how “she” might be reacting to something you’ve done or said or posted.

You stop trying to achieve an unreachable goal that leads to everything from breakdowns, burn out, eating disorders, and self-hatred. And as long as you strive to be perfect, you will feel like you are not enough.

And when you feel you are not enough you paralyze your business. You allow fear of not showing up perfect effect everything you do.

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what perfection effects

This perfection problem affects whether you jump into a new business opportunity because you say you’re not good at sales. Which really means you are not OK with not being a perfect salesperson. 

This perfection problem affects whether you…

  • start a podcast,
  • or create a website for your brand,
  • or record videos,
  • or start offering a digital product to monetize your knowledge …because you are afraid you won’t do any of it perfect.

A basic example is it affects whether you put your face front and center for your brand like I discussed in episode 30. 


When you’re not perfect at what you do

One of my clients said the other day that it took her a long time to feel comfortable making money off her knowledge… because she didn’t see it as some special thing that others didn’t have.

She didn’t want to call herself a teacher in event planning because she wasn’t perfect at it.

But just because she’s a teacher doesn’t mean she’s claiming to be an expert.

But like I explained to her based on what she’s found when planning events, teaching her method to planning and styling is just that. People will pay for the knowledge she has right now about event planning. Because it’s more knowledge than they currently have.

And yes – she can be called an expert by someone if they want to call her that even if she’s far from perfect when it comes to event planning.

Because we will all continue to grow and get better at what we do.

None of us will ever reach a perfection stage because it’s fake. It’s photoshopped… it’s unrealistic to think there’s a perfect event planner in the world.

There are no perfect people.

how to deal with perfection

So the way I’ve learned to deal with having to do everything PERFECT…. Is to do two things… 

  1. Do a ton of self – discovery about who I am
  2. Take imperfect action


When I broke it down and really did some discovery exercises I journaled what I like doing… what I don’t like doing… and what I’m pretty good at.

Then I dug into the question, “How I can help others with what I’m pretty good at?”

Not what I’m perfect at – but what I’m pretty good at. In what area can I help other people with what I know, or what skills I’ve learned.

There is so much freedom and power to living as yourself. 

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Anna Quindlen says…

“The thing that is really hard, really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Take imperfect action

But just KNOWING who you are is only part of it.

You must SHOW UP as your authentic self over and over to gain confidence.

Meaning you need to take action and start that business, record that video, post that selfie, and sell your knowledge.

Are you feeling handicapped?

If you are feeling handicapped by this fakery of perfection and the fear of what others think I invite you to start with self – discovery.

What is your brand? Not who someone says you are – but WHO ARE YOU?

It’s exactly the reason why Discover Your Influence is step one in my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method.

The sooner you can discover who you are the sooner you reach the freedom you are searching for.

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What I used for self-discovery

Back in 2016 when I started this voyage I used the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. They helped me initially peel back fears and limiting beliefs.

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You want to use your life well, but you don’t know how—or if—it’s even possible.

Made for you in this season—students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, love-at-home moms! Thousands of women all over the world are finding success with PowerSheets, as seen in Fast Company, The Everygirl, The Goal Digger podcast, IF Gathering, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Parade Magazine, Don’t Mom Alone, and more.


As artist Jessica Hagy says…

“Imperfection is reality. Perfection is fiction. Forget being perfect. Work instead with what’s real, with what’s important. Otherwise, you’ll only become perfectly miserable.”

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by Kristin Korn

Ep 40: Overcoming Being Paralyzed By The Lie Of Perfection


I help online business owners go from feeling stuck and stagnant to being in total control of how to generate high-quality leads and increase their sales conversions.

I believe the two keys to establishing a lasting business are (1) using your personal experiences to connect with others and (2) automating your sales process.

Whether you build a sales process yourself or have it done for you, I want you to have options available so you can take action today.


I'm kristin korn.
Your new Creative & Sales Strategy Coach.

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