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Ep 52: From Idea To Launch: The Inner Workings Of A New Passion Business With Tara Tonsetic

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Podcast Show Notes

So if you were tuning in regularly a couple of weeks ago in Episode 50, I shared The Simplistic 5 Step Sales Process To Running An Automated Business and how, by using this system, you can automate most of your customer interactions from prospecting to selling to nurturing.

When most of my clients start working me, they can’t initially wrap their heads around how all the parts will fit and need direction on pulling it all together.

They come to me with thoughts about business ideas and a digital product, and then we sort everything out after that. 

They have the idea – and I have the tools and methods to bring it to life.
And that’s what happened when Tara Tonsetic set up a brand discovery call with me a couple of months ago.

Why Tara reached out to me to help her with her business idea

Listen to Tara’s answer on the PODCAST HERE!

And she is in direct sales as well – so I love that she’s expanding her income sources. You can do both. It’s not one or the other.

Tara’s biggest problem when thinking of launching her business herself

Listen to Tara’s answer on the PODCAST HERE!

who Tara determined her core Ideal Client to be and the products she created to solve their #1 problem

After we had a couple of live calls, we were able to nail down the problem she wanted to solve, and that was helping busy gals find reliable and creative simplified solutions to celebrate others.

Listen to Tara’s answer on the PODCAST HERE!

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The Simplistic 5 Step Sales Process To Running An Automated Business

So keeping The Simplistic 5 Step Sales Process in mind as I discussed in episode 50, here’s what the inner workings of Tara’s business looks like…

1 – Content Marketing

Step one is content marketing – where you use specific original content to reach your niche audience at their respective buying levels.

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And there’s a specific technique I teach about how to do this.

Listen to how Tara is starting to create content for her blog, social feeds, and email using this method – on the PODCAST HERE!

2 – Lead Magnet

Step 2 is the lead magnet … in exchange for a reader’s email address, you offer an article or service.

You are usually solving your niche audience’s #1 problem with this lead magnet. This lead magnet then converts a reader into a warm prospect who is more apt to purchase your paid products.

Listen to what Tara chose for her lead magnet and how she decided on it – on the PODCAST HERE!

Ep 44: 5 Ways To Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Isn’t A Big Fail

3 – Email List

Step 3 is the email list. Tara didn’t have an existing list before we started working together… And we’ve set up a ton of great automations and grown her list pretty quickly after launching her business. Almost 100 subscribers in her first month!

Listen to what Tara’s experience has been like and what her email automation looks like – on the PODCAST HERE!

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The Email Marketing and CRM tool I use is Active Campaign. CLICK HERE to start your free trial.

4 – Paid Product

This leads us right into step 4 of the sales process, and that’s paid products.

So the way we set up Tara’s value ladder was we started by introducing her audience to her lead magnet.  Then brought them in her sales funnel where we introduced them to her digital shindig kits, which are a one-off digital product, and then her Greeting card club membership, which is step 5 of the sales process… Going up the ladder. 

5 – Membership

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If you are inspired to set up your new business or give your current business the platform and sales process it deserves, I invite you to set up a complimentary 15-min brand discovery call just how Tara did – simply go to to fill out the application.

To close out this episode I want to leave you with this quote from Jon Gordon…

“Greatness isn’t achieved by worrying what everyone thinks of you. Don’t look outside. The praise, criticism, expectations; it’s all just noise. Look inside to your heart and soul and do your thing. Do it with love and create greatness from the inside out.”

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Using my Stay in Your Lane Brand Method, I offer women a roadmap to monetize their influence. Using a simplistic sales process we develop brand-focused strategic online marketing plans to make their brand more profitable faster.

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