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My First 8 Days to Becoming Healthier

by Kristin Korn

Truth be told, becoming healthier wasn’t as hard I was putting it off to be… A few simple tweaks to my days and I’m feeling amazing after only 8 days. So as promised here’s how my first 8 days broke down as far as meals, workouts, and life. First, let me tell you what my […]


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Shame On Me, My Health Journey Starts Today

My health wasn’t good. For the last two years, I’ve put in the extra hours. ???????? I worked overtime to build courses, email sequences, videos, blog entries, social content, funnels, and everything else that has gotten my branding and business company where it is today. Many other things have grown as well for me, including my library […]

4 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself Today

Let’s talk about your self care. How’s it looking lately? Be honest. We all struggle with comparison, self doubt, fears and mindset… but staying on top of our mental health helps control these immensely. Entrepreneurs. For us CEOs who are required to “work” online all the time it can be hard for us to “unplug”.  You […]

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I’m Kristin Korn and I help women build online businesses.

As a Brand Strategist, I help women build an effective personal brand, which allows them to live life with purpose and stay authentic to who they are as they start, strengthen, and scale their business long term.

Most weekdays, you'll find me in (intentional) creative-mode working from my home office… but evenings are reserved for playing with my kiddos and sipping margaritas with friends. As a coach's wife, most weekends are spent cheering on my husband's basketball team or attending sporting events here in Manhattan, Kansas.


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