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Do you live the CEO-life? What about mom life? Or maybe both like me?  But want to look and feel put together, then follow along. Do you prefer the chic casual look that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned?  Maybe you have young kids? For instance, your clothes get slobbered on, and juice spilled on. And there’s no way you can pull off wearing a strapless bra every day, then yes! You’re in the right spot for fashion.

What happened was… I traded in my former corp career with a closet filled with black pants and button-down tops… to starting my own business. Which means I’m now working from home in comfy ripped jeans, graphic fashion tees, the occasional “dressy” top, and cute shoes.

My hope is that you’ll embrace your flaw-some self and leave with a smile! I love to share my many CEO styles and favorites for fashion, beauty and more.


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